NJ Clams on the Orient Express

12 NJ clams

3 TBsp soy sauce

2 TBsp fish sauce

2 TBsp lemon juice

1/2 cup water

2 TBsp ginger root- diced fine

2 TBsp picked ginger

1/2 lemon -squeezed

Put clams, soy,fish sauce,lemon juice, water in pot and cover and cook until done- about 3 minutes

Top with ginger root, pickled ginger and lemon

Wow! Simple, tasty, and fragrant….I need a piece of bread for that delicious liquor!!!…. And a salad  would be nice.

Don’t be afraid of fish sauce- used sparingly it adds massive amounts to of flavor.

Double Ginger!!!!!…..Can you tell I like ginger( in all forms)!!!!   So good for you.