Fiery Pickled Green Tomatoes

1 yellow onion – sliced

1 red onion- sliced

8 green tomatoes – quartered

3 serano peppers- halved

5 garlic cloves

2 TBs pickling spice 

1/2 cups water 

1/2 cups white vinegar 

Put all in a mason jar and refrigerate for at least 1 week- Thats the end of the season here in NJ!…. Damn!- that’s spicy!…… Soooo good – keeps for at least a month on the fridge.  Keep that NJ thing going longer in the season!

Polla en Rodajas con Salsa Mediterranea

2 chicken breasts- cut thin(scallopini)


1/2 cup diced tomatoes

1/4 cup red onion- diced

1 1/2 tsp capers- minced

4 tsp black olives- minced

3 tsp cilantro – minced

4 tsp oil

1 tsp white vinegar

2 tsp lime juice

Salt and pepper

Mix all salsa ingredients and keep in fridge until chicken is done

Season flour with salt and pepper and Italian seasoning and pan fry intolerant golden brown.  Top with slices of cucumbers and dollops  of the fresh salsa.

Fresh!!!…..simple, elegant and freakin tasty!!!

Wok’d Up Veggies & Pasta

2 1/2 cup Bok Choy- cubed

1 1/2 cups portobello mushrooms- sliced

3/4 cup mini multi colored peppers- sliced

1 1/2 cups carrots- sliced

1 1/2 cups cooked pasta

1/2 cup red onion- diced

1/2 cup cherry tomatoes – halved

1 1/2 TBsp chicken broth bouillon

1 1/2 cups water

5 cloves garlic- minced 

In a wok, add carrots and Bok Choy with water and cook until tender

Then remove and add peppers and onions and cook until soft 

Add tomatoes and the rest of the ingredients and stir in the bouillon and cook until pasta is warmed 

Why a wok?…. Why not?- it’s an awesome pan… Very unused in America.  But one when its on sale and you will use it often.

Simple and tasty. You may substitute chicken stock for the water and bouillon but my stock was frozen, so use what you have folks. Toss in some chicken or shrimp or tofu!   Throw in some red pepper flakes or minced garlic…..

Baked Mac & Swiss & Shrooms

4 cups cooked pasta

1 cup mushrooms- sliced

2 cups Swiss cheese- shredded

1/3 cup parm cheese

1 cup milk

1/4 tsp marjoram

1/2 tsp thyme

1/3 cup Panko breadcrumbs

Warm pasta up and incorporate all ingredients except for breadcrumbs.  Mix until cheese is melted and put in a pan in a 350 degree oven topped with breadcrumbs for 30 minutes. 

Quick for a mid week meal. Pair it with a salad or some garlic bread. 

Cioci Agnes’ Pasta Fagioli

28 oz peeled, plum tomatoes- crushed with juice

1 cup veggie stock

2 cups ditalini pasta ( reserve 1 cup pasta water)

15 oz white beans- drained but reserve 1/2 cup liquid

2 garlic cloves- minced

1/3 cup parm cheese

1/2 TBsp Italian seasoning

Cook pasta until al dente( save some of the water).

Brown garlic and add the rest of the ingredients . Simmer for 15 minutes and serve with extra parm cheese and cracked pepper . 

Simple- right. So my Aunt or Cioci( that’s aunt in Polish)- made this a lot. She made it a little different but the recipe is about the same. I like the addition of the pasta water and the bean juice- just another level of flavor goodness 

Spiced Chicken & Rice Pan Seared Tortilla topped with Chopped Salad

Makes 2 small tortillas

1 cup roasted/ rotisserie chicken- sliced

2 small tortillas

1/2 cup Cooked rice

1 sliced and diced yellow onion slice

1 Serrano pepper- sliced

2 TBsp oil

Pinch of coriander, paprika, cumin

Chopped salad:

1 small green tomato- diced

2 TBsp diced red onion

2TBsp white vinegar

2 TBsp oi1.4 cup shredded Jack cheese

1/4 tsp Italian seasoning

1/2 tsp brown mustard

Mix all

Heat oil and add onions, rice, Serrano over medium heat 

Add chicken and then spices- cook until warmed through.

Remove from pan and add a little oil then put in tortilla and add chicken mixture- top with cheese… Cover until melted and top with salad 

Ok- this is a truly a leftover dish concoction. It’s spicy, crunchy, cheesy, and mustardy… My kind of meal…. Feel free to mix ingredients as you have on hand .  I think the salad or AKA modified salsa was a great addition… Minus the cilantro, it truly was a chopped salad. I love spicy mustard , so this is right up my alley- try Dijon, for a softer, milder mouth feel. Keep the Jack cheese- it’s not that spicy, but you may substitute as you see fit- maybe cheddar?? 

Red Hot N Ranch Pretzels

4 cups pretzels

5TBsp dry ranch dressing seasoning

5TBsp Frank’s red hot sauce

Combine all and put on a sprayed pan. Bake at 250 degrees for 40 minutes – flip half way through . Cool completely before eating.

Spicy hot!  Eat with a cold beer!

Sweet Sausage and Apples with fresh Sage in a Beer & Tomato Sauce

Serves 1 

3 sausage links

1 yellow onion- diced

1 Macintosh Apple- diced

3 oz tomato paste

2 TBsp fresh sage – diced

12 oz beer

2 garlic cloves- mince

2 TBsp flour

Put oven on at 350 degrees

Brown sausage and onions and garlic then add flour

Add tomato pur√©e and apples  and sage .

Bake for 15 minutes or until sausage is done 

Thats tasty!… Oh Fall is upon us. Simple and yummy .. Add veggie stock if you want a smoother more flowy sauce.

Smoky Baked Slivered Almonds

1 cup slivered unsalted almonds

2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp smoked paprika

Bake almonds on a greased pan at 350 degrees for 7 minutes 

Toss with salt/ paprika mixture while hot 

Not too salty and not too smoky- as Goldilocks said”just right” 

Eat as is or serve with Manchego cheese or Gouda or last resort – Montery Jack