Cantaloupe Salsa

1 cup cantaloupe- diced

3 TBsp Roma tomatoes- diced

1 1/2 TBsp red onion- diced

1 TBdp jalapeño- diced

1 1/2 TBsp cilantro- chopped

1 clove garlic- diced

1 TBsp sunflower coconut oil

1/2 TBsp white vinegar

1/2 TBsp lemon juice

Salt to taste 

Mix and refrigerate for at least 1 hour.

Folks- Mmmmmm good! Simple and tasty . Yea , it’s s bit sweet but not too sweet – add a bit more jalapeño if you would like . Me, I would throw in a bit more vinegar if you like it bitey. Taste like summer and don’t we need a bit of summer now!