Blistered Veggies over Wedged Potatoes with a Garlic Truffle Oil Drizzle

Serves 1 hungry Zig plus Lunch!

3 potatoes- wedged

1 plus 1/2 TBsp dried tarragon

1/2 cup zucchini- 1/4 inch slice

1/2 cup yellow bell pepper- chunks

1/2 cup carrots- parboiled

1/4 cup yellow onion- chunks

3/4 cup broccoli- cooked

2 TBsp truffle oil 

5 TBsp butter

6 garlic cloves- pressed

Mix potatoes with 3 TBsp oil and 1 TBsp tarragon. Bake at 450 Degrees for 30 minutes- flip halfway through.

In the meantime ,sautée veggies until tender and browned. Put butter, oil, rest if tarragon in a pan and cook until tender and combined. Pour over potatoes and veggies. Season with pink sea salt .

Crazy good! Call the paramedics- this is decadent! … damn- I need a scrap of bread!