Blueberries a la Zig

1 qt. of fresh blueberries ( from NJ of course!)

6 or 7 fresh picked Mint leaves
Local Organic Honey

Wash blueberries and dry them- put in a bowl
Stack and fold mint leaves- chiffonade them( fancy for cutting them in thin strips)
Sprinkle mint leaves over berries
Drizzle honey ( to taste) over berries and mint

Living in New Jersey for practically my entire life, we always had amazing fruits and veggies grown locally. Blueberries were always at the top of my list. Buy fresh and local and you can’t go wrong.

Drunk Strawberries


1 pint of fresh strawberries ( greens intact)
Whipped cream flavored Vodka
White chocolate

Soak strawberries in vodka overnight in the fridge( use enough
vodka to cover berries)
Remove from vodka and dry well
Melt chocolate using a double boiler or nuke it
Coat with chocolate and let set

Ok- these are fabulous!! My wife likes white chocolate, so I use that- but dark chocolate would be decadent!!

Oh yeah- I poke holes in the berries with a fork- why? they soak up more vodka!